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How is Abhilasha Telugu Movie…!!

Movie: Abhilasha Rating: 3/5 Banner: Harihara Dheera Movie Makers Cast: Amar Deep, Ashwani, Baahubali Pabhrakar, Sameta Gandhi, Kumanan Sethuraman, Idream Anjali, Jabardasth Rajamouli, Rocking Rakesh and others Camera: Soumyasharma Editor: Ravi Teja Lyrics : Tirupati Javana Background music by Rohi Babu Music: Ay Ay Kumar Producer: C.H Sirisha Directed by: Sivapasrad Chalavadi

Release: June- 2- 2023
Exactly 40 years ago, Megastar Chiranjeevi starrer ‘Abhilasha’ was a huge hit.
Presently. Amar Deep acted as the hero with the same name, who is familiar to everyone from the television show Dwa Raa

So much As far as this story goes, the hero loves the heroine at first sight, even if it is introduced in Vizag. Then they both fall in love and then, the villain Pashupati, why do you want to kill the heroine? This story is about how the hero saves the heroine from the villain and fulfills the heroine’s goal. The songs of this story by Tirupati Javana garu are more popular with his beautiful lyrics Impressed

Actor’s are newcomers and they have made me very mature. Likewise, hero and Amardeep in action scenes. with ease
The rest of the actors have done their best and the background is the best in this movie
Compared to the existing movies, this movie is very good. But it is better to appreciate it
Giving a message. The recent writers and directors have made such movies that are interesting to the masses
What is necessary to give?

There was a bit of a snail’s pace in the story.
The background music is out of tune here and there.

Even if it is a small movie, it is released in more theaters, lyrics, actors and actresses are the strength of the story.

Rating –


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