One month Back, Hero Karthi mesmerized us with gripping thriller film “Khaidhi”. Now, the actor yet came up with one more gripping thriller film “Donga”. Hero Karthi, Jyothika and Satya Raj plays the main lead roles. Drushyam movie director Jithu Joseph directed it. The film is released on 20th December, 2019. The film is titled as Thambi in Tamil and is released simultaneously.

Gyan Murthy (Satya Raj) is a leading politician. He will be searching for his lost Son. Vikky (Karthi), a thief from Goa comes to Gyan Murthy as his son. The politician will be very happy to find his lost son. One fine day, Vikky decide to loot Gyan Murthy’s money but trouble comes in the form of Partvarthy (Jyothika), Gyan Murthy’s daughter. Who is Vikky, Why he comes to Gyan Murthy as his son and what is back story is rest of the film.

The film is very interesting tale with gripping twists and turns and Karthi made it more entertaining with his comic timing. Karthi is out standing and he is delivering back to back hit films in the row. This film, Dongs is yet another feather in his cap. Jyothika plays a key role in this film and she will entertain movie geors for sure. Her screen presence has taken this film to next level. Satya Raj yet delivers another important and crucial role in the film. Other did as required.

As the film is gripping suspense thriller, the Background score is very important role in the film and music director Govinda Vasantha given gripping background score for this film. Music is in perfect sync and the twists and turns, the suspense will keep us in engage throughout the film. Dialogues are in sync with the lips and the film looks like straight Telugu film. Cinematography by RD Rajashekar will treat our eyes for sure. Director Jithu Joseph is good for suspense thrillers and He delivered yet another gripping suspense thriller.

Donga is a routine story line but Karthi, Jyothika and Satya Raj’s performance and Jithu Joseph suspense elements makes this film worth watching. Though it’s a suspense thriller, Director Jithu Joseph made it in very entertaining way and whole family watch it together. Donga is an interesting suspense thriller with lots of laugh riot scenes and many emotional scenes. Go and watch it.

Rating : 3.5 out of 5

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