Pichodu is a unique concept film. The concept of Soul Mate is science but not Superstition is New age film and it was well captured with heart-full emotions and gripping screenplay. Kranthi played the main lead role and popular actors like Posani Krishna Murali, Satya Krishna and Sameer played important roles in the film. Hemanth Srinivas directed and produced this film. The film is released on 22nd November, 2019. Check the Review below….

Rishi (Kranthi) plays a Boy next door role. He is an Orphan and His Grand mother would teach him lot of stories and he use to believe all of them. His grand mother use to say that if one finds their soulmate then life will be happy forever. Rishi grew up and begin to search for his soul mate. Who is his soul mate and Did he find her is rest of the story.

This Pichodu film is a unique concept film and director Hemanth Srinivas showcased it in a realistic way. Every scene looks very natural and screenplay is very rusting and gripping. The music also plays a vital role in the film. The background score will keep us in engage. The Dialogues are very Raw and thought provoking. The Quality of the film is good and locations are realistic. Production values are decent and Direction is up to the mark. Hats-off to director, producer Hemanth Srinivas to deliver such kind of concept film.

Kranthi is good in his role. He looks real as Rishi and he delivered his role with ease. Posani Krishna Murali plays crucial role and his role is very entertaining. He is one of the major highlights in the film. Satya Krishna, Sameer, Abhay, Mahesh, Appa Rao and Others did as required.

Pichodu film is very realistic and rusty. It is everyone’s film and Every audience can see himself in the film. The characters are very real and we surely come across one of them in our real life. The Soul Mate concept is thought provoking and we should think over it. After watching this film you will definitely think about your soul mate It’s a unique concept film and everyone should watch it.

Pichodu will engage your with Soul mate concept and definitely it’s a worth watching film. Go and watch it.

Rating : 3/5

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