RAKSHASUDU- “An intresting thriller with a good Story telling and a long duration”

1st half is good..2nd half is ok.. Actually I watched it in Tamil.. It is an intresting thriller..Actually flashback episode is somewhat weak for Telugu audience..But Ok..

They have remade it properly.. Some scenes have been kept like that as it is.. They didn’t shoot them..

Director succeeded in Story telling.. He maintained the WHAT NEXT element perfectly..Script strong ga unnappudu Ade Andarni save chestundi.. Script ye Heroism elevate chestundi, Script ye gripping ga Koorchopedutundi..Almost Tamil ni As it is dinchesaru.. Including Casting.. Mana Telugu artists tappa Migatha Vallu mottam Akkada artists ye..
Story is ok.. Screenplay is Super.. This is not a dialogue oriented film..Photography is good.. Costumes are ok.. Art Direction is ok..Songs are So so.. Background score is Extraordinary.. Ghibran steals the show.. Perfect Elevation..Editing is good.. Liked the cutting in the first scene alarm shot.. (Tamil lo As it is cutting le)..Okka sari villain evaro telsi poyaka Akkada Cinema ayipoyindi.. Inka prolong cheyalsina pani ledu.. Endukante he is just small character.. Tarvata 20 min prolong chesaru..Ala cheyakapothe inka gripping ga undedi narration..Production values are good.. Direction is good..Sai is good & different.. His performance is ok.. Anupama is good.. She tried dubbing.. Her voice is ok.. Okka “Santhakam” ane word tappa Migatha anni words baga Pronounce chesindi..
Remaining artists are good.. Makeup for the villain character is good..Aa episodes Tamil vi as it is ga pettesaru..
Overall Movie is ok..

Should see how it pays Commercially..

My rating –  3/5

final punch

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