OH BABY- (Remake of Korean Movie MISS GRANNY)
“A fantasy drama with an Okay Story telling”

(Ee Cinema Telugu lo chuddamu, Original version chusthe Kick potundi ani Kaavalani chudaledu)
1st half is good.. 2nd half is some what weak.. But the Climax is Surprising.. There is a big Surprise in the climax..(I don’t want to reveal it) I liked the Surprise.. Actually 2nd half antha silent ga unna theatre, Climax lo Keka Response..Definitely this is a different point..But 2nd half lo Same scenes have been repeated.. I mean Story akkadakkade tirigindi.. It didn’t go forward..Edo Ala vellindi.. They should have taken more care on Second half..The kick which is there in first half is Missing in 2nd half..The emotional content didn’t workout properly..Teja track also didn’t workout properly..Naga Shourya track is So so..

Story is ok..Screenplay is So so.. Dialogues are ok..Liked the dialogues “Eedu Nee friend Aa?? Time ki Pelli ayyi unte Nee antha koduku undevadu”, “Naatho Enjoyment Mamulga undadu”, “Mee Vayasu 100 ki Entha takkuva ani adagaledu Nenu”. Songs are So so.. Edo unnayi anthe.. Background score is ok..Editing is ok..Costumes are ok.. Art Direction is ok..Photography is ok..Direction is ok.. Production values are good..

If we go deep into the Script.. Some logics are Missing.. I would have mentioned them here. But Avi ikkada mention chesthe, Nenu Story reveal cheyali.. Nenu eppudu Naa review lo Story reveal cheyanu.. Cinema chuseppudu Kick Miss avutaru..So I am not mentioning here..

Samantha Steals the Show.. Undoubtedly Her Career’s Best performance..Assalu Aadukundi performance..
Naga shourya & Teja are ok..Lakshmi garu is good..Rajendra prasad gurinchi kotha ga emi cheptam.. He is a Super artist..Rao ramesh, Pragathi are good..

Overall Movie parledu..

But theatre lo nundi bayataki vacheppudu Surprise baavundi..Aa range lo 2nd half undi unte blockbuster ayyi undedi..

My rating

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